My Crane Book….

I had one pretty much filled in. Then about three and a half years ago, my father died due to complications of Parkinson’s Disease. And about two and a half years ago, we moved into a condo community. and my original Crane Book went missing or was lost (read: thrown out by mistake) during the move. So, I am redoing my book. I am starting with the Triads of Ireland. The Triads are the foundation (beginning) of my Crane Book. They should be the foundation of yours as well, in my opinion. Nine Blessings!


The Crane Book of Wisdom

The one thing I encourage everybody to do is to get a blank or ruled journal. And start writing your Crane Book of Wisdom. I know, you say “why do I have to physically write something down if I can type it into a text editor on my computer?” Or “I have a thumb drive, or CD I can store stuff on.” Because of these reasons: 1. computers crash and not everybody backs up info like they should. 2. Computer viruses – they can mess up your system in ways you can and cannot fathom. 3. You move, and something got lost in the move or got thrown out by mistake. These are the reasons I encourage everybody to write your Crane Book of Wisdom manually. Most journals are small to medium size and can be carried on your person or in your Crane Bag or a travel bag carry-on. That is it for now. Nine Blessings!