Triad #184

¶184] Three sauces that spoil a sick-bed: [],105 honey, salt food.

The […] refers to the caption presented here: I believe echmuir to be the name of a plant; but I cannot find the reference. ( As written by Kuno Meyer who translated the Triads.)

I myself will write down echmuir instead of using the […] . And if you have room at the bottom of the journal writing them into make caption saying that echmuir is the irish gaelic name of an unspecified herb.


Early Irish Music: An overview of the linguistic and documentary evidence

Early Irish Music: An overview of the linguistic and documentary evidence

Professor Fergus Kelly presented the 2013 Statutory Public Lecture of the School of Celtic Studies on Friday 15th November at 8pm, Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin.

The Triads: A follow-up

As you transcribe the Triads you will find some that are incomplete. The ones that are have this […]. This basically stands for the following explanation: Obscure and probably corrupt. Therefore the Triads must be copied verbatim.