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Tree Meditation Outline

Got this some time ago, thought I’d share it.

Tree Meditation Outline

1. Relaxation

Use any type of relaxation method you feel like. Often will get combined with control of breath.

2. Controlled Breath

Gets the person concentrating.

3. Awareness of Physical Body

May include breath, heart beat, etc.

4. Visualization of becoming a tree.

This can become quite involved. You may start by visualizing a walk in the forest, working with all senses, smell, hearing, taste, touch as well as sight. You can either

visualize becoming a tree or entering a tree that already exists in the forest. Note that you should ask the trees permission first!

5. Send roots into the earth from feet.

Send the roots down into the earth, down farther and farther into the earth. (Trance induction–as you go further down in the ground, you may add that you are going into deeper meditation.) (We usually stand, if you sit, you may want to visualize the roots coming from the bottom of your spine instead of the feet.)

a. Feeling the dirt.

b. Sending roots to meet water.

c. Sensing the pulse of the Mother Earth.

6. Sending branches into the sky from crown of head. Similar to 5.

a. Feeling the breeze through the branches.

b. Sending branches up to meet sunlight.

c. Sensing the pulse of the sun’s energy.

7. Drawing the water and earth energy from root into trunk.

8. Drawing the sky energy from leaves into trunk.

7+8 can be done as a part of 5+6.

Note: We stress Water, Earth and Sky as they represent the Keltic triad. You can add Fire to correspond to the four Wiccan quarters if you wish.

9. Allowing energies to mix and grow (combination of three worlds).

10. Feeling self as conduit for energies.

a. Sending earth and water energies out through branches.

b. Sending sky energy through roots into ground.

11. Sensing the presence of other trees.

a. Feeling roots mingling beneath the earth.

b. Feeling branches mingling in the sky (holding hands)

c. Sending energy around circle through clasped hands.

12. Establishment of group mind/affirmation of the Grove.

13. Reversal of above 12 steps to return to human form.

Reversal is done after the meeting/ritual is finished. Just follow the steps backwards. It usually is quite a bit shorter than the original.

The above is an outline (BG!). I have added a few comments which I hope will be of some explanation. If you feel the need to write out a full meditation for your first use, that’s ok, but after your first few attempts, try doing it ad lib. You will find that certain portions will receive more effort while others may be shortened as your needs change. Allow others to lead the tree meditation at different meetings.


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  1. Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama 🙂


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