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The Power of Place

NOTE: I offered up this on email list some time ago.

We all know that certain places hold great power. And that when we are born in the land that those places reside we feel a greater connection to those places of power. Now here is my question: When we are born in a town, city or state and we live there  all of our lives, does our rituals ( Druidic or Wiccan) gain more power because of our familiarality of our surroundings?

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Place

  1. I believe that our spiritual practice as wiccans/druids can deepen with belonging to a place for a long time, but it need not. There are two other considerations that in my experience also greatly inform the significance of place. One has to do with the elements I am drawn to. When I moved from California to the desert, I practiced my druidry with respect to belonging to the place I left behind–near the water–and only felt parched and empty in the desert. I am really a water person, and as soon as I could I moved back to where I felt at home. Granted I moved back to where I grew up, but I know many people who say grew up in the desert or mountains and so on and as soon as they can they move to the kind of landscape that resonates with them. The other factor is ancestral/genetic sense of place for lack of a better term. Though I grew up in California, my sacred place I always visit in meditation is in Ireland and I have accurate pictures in my head of the place even though I’ve never been there or seen a picture to begin with. Whether it’s past life memories or ancestral memories I think people are drawn to other places sometimes. So to answer the question I personally think growing up somewhere is significant, but only part of the pattern.


  2. I think we also need to be careful in this. We may gain familiarity with the the surrounding land, and therefore greater power from the land which can be a good thing. But we familiarity can breed complacency and because of this we may grow to disregard basic safety precautions.


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