A Few Gaelic Sayings

Like a blind man’s progress through a hedge

Or walking on rough rocky slopes

Like the baying of a hound in a empty glen

Is learning to the ignorant.

– Gaelic saying


Like an otter at a river mouth

Like a falcon to a bird of the moor

Like a dog to a cat

Like a cat to a mouse

Is the son’s wife to her mother-in-law.

– Gaelic saying


The loch is no heavier for carrying the wild duck

The horse no heavier for the bridle

The sheep is no heavier foe its wool

And the body is no heavier for its intelligence.

– Gaelic saying


There is no knoll nor mound

No grassy golden hillock

That sometimes is not happy

sometimes dark and fearful.

– Gaelic saying


Paramours’ love, like the flowing tide

Wanderers’ love, like wind off of a sea rock,

Married mens’ love, like a ship sailing to harbour.

– Gaelic saying


The end of every ship, her drowning

The end of every kiln, its burning

The end of a lord, his dispraising

The end of health, a sigh.

– Gaelic saying