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The First 31

Below are the first 31 Triads of the Triads of Ireland. Although they are not actual triads, these are the first 31. I’m posting these to provide incentive for you to start writing them down. Note that I said writing, not copying and pasting.


1] The Head of Ireland—Armagh.

2] The Dignity of Ireland—Clonmacnois.

3] The Wealth of Ireland—Clonard.

4] The Heart of Ireland—Kildare.

5] The Seniority of Ireland—Bangor.

6] The Comfort of Ireland—Lusk.

7] The Sport of Ireland—Kells.

8] The Two Eyes of Ireland—Tallaght and Finglas.

9] The Sanctuary of Ireland—the House of Cairnech upon the Road of Asal.

10] The Purity of Ireland—Scattery Island.

11] The Abbey-church of Ireland—Glendalough.

12] The Jurisprudence of Ireland—Cloyne.

13] The House of Wages of Ireland—Ferns.

14] The Singing the Litany of Ireland—Lismore.

15] The Lore of Ireland—Emly.

16] The Legal Speech of Ireland—Cork.

17] The Learning of Ireland—Roscarbery.

18] The Wantonness of Ireland—Terryglas.

19] The Spiritual Guidance of Ireland—Clonfert.

20] The Curse of Ireland—Lorrha.

21] The Judgment of Ireland—Slane.

22] The Severity of Piety of Ireland—Fore.

23] The Delight of Ireland—Ardbrackan.

24] The Simplicity of Ireland—Roscommon.

25] The Welcome of Ireland—Raphoe or Drumlane.

26] The Charity of Ireland—Downpatrick.

27] The […] of Ireland—Dairchaill.

28] The Stability of Ireland—Moville.

29] The Martyrdom of Ireland—Dulane.

30] The Reproach of Ireland—Cell Ruaid Ruad’s Church.

31] The Chastity of Ireland—Lynally.


4 thoughts on “The First 31

  1. Thank you. I saved a copy of the book of triads you linked to on your blog and am not very good at memorizing, but will definitely read through them all and learn them in some wholistic way.


    • All too often today we are focused on viewing pages and sites online. And we are too focused on typing into a word/text editor. Yet, Christian clerics and historians transcribed plenty of historical texts to be printed as books. As Modern Druids, we are at risk of losing simple pleasures such as writing into a journal. Especially since everything is now being done on computers. This is why I adopted the Wiccan Book of Shadows into the crane Book of Wisdom. For that reason, I am suggesting anybody willing to create a Crane Book of Wisdom literally take the time to write/transcribe the Triads of Ireland and the Audacht Morrainn into the Crane Book of Wisdom. The ancient Druids took no short cuts, why should we? Get a journal you like, a good pen and start writing.


      • I couldn’t agree more. And yet, some of us can only read and write to the extent we can because of computers and the option of typing. I do think rewriting something yourself is a meaningful and sacred thing to do. I however would be typing it, as I am totally blind and unable to literally write in a journal as you suggest– unless I grab a slate and stilus and start transcribing all my words backward from right to left. This is just to say that I believe everything has it’s place, and balance is important. So for all who find rewriting into a journal useful, that is wonderful, and for others we have an equally good way to keep what is valuable to us close to us. 🙂


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