Giving Thanks

When you arise in the morning,

give thanks for the morning light,

for your life and strength.

Give thanks for your food

and the joy of living.

If you see no reason for giving thanks,

the fault lies in yourself.



from The Little Book of Native American Wisdom,

ISBN# 1-85230-566-5


Taliesin’s Creed

NOTE: This one of many things which should be considered essential to write into your Crane Book of Wisdom.


In the rock, alive

I would be hewn from it

Like a dream of stone

Like Merlin, my brother

In the hidden place

A feather in bright air

I drift in memory’s disguise

Shadowy as sunlight shaped by sea

Half in, half out

I am reborn

I am in the stone

I am in the wood

I am in the sun

I am in the dancing

I am in all things

This is my freedom

This is my strength

This is my journeying

This my discovery

This my self!


NOTE: This one of many things which should be considered essential to write into your Crane Book of Wisdom.

Primary chief bard am I to Elphin,

And my original country is the region of the summer stars;

Idno and Heinen called me Merddin

At length every king will call me Taliesin.


I was with my Lord in the highest sphere,

On the fall of Lucifer into the depth of hell

I have borne a banner before Alexander;

I know the names of the stars from north to south;

I have been on the Galaxy at the throne of the Distributor;


I was in Canaan when Absalom was slain;

I conveyed Awen [the Divine Spirit] to the level of the vale of Hebron;

I was in the court of Don before the birth of Gwydion.

I was instructor to Eli and Enoch;

I have been winged by the genius of the splendid crozier;

I have been loquacious prior to being gifted with speech;

I was at the place of the crucifixion of the merciful son of God;

I have been three periods in the prison of Aianrhod;

I have been the chief director of the work on the tower of Nimrod.

I am a wonder whose origin is not known.


I have been in Asia with Noah on the Ark,

I have witnessed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah;

I have been in India when Roma was built;

I am now come here to the remnant of Troia.

I have been with my Lord in the manger of the ass;


I strengthened Moses through the water of Jordan;

I have been in the firmament with Mary Magdalene;

I have obtained the muse from the cauldron of Caridwen;

I have been bard of the harp to Leon of Lochlin.

I have been on the White Hill, in the court Cynvelyn,


For a year and a day in stocks and fetters,

I have suffered for the Son of the Virgin,

I have been fostered in the land of the Deity,

I have been teacher to all intelligences,

I am able to instruct the whole universe.


I shall be until the day of doom on the face of the earth;

And it is not known whether my body be flesh or fish.

Then I was for nine months

In the womb of the hag Caridwen;

I was originally little Gwion,

And at length I am Taliesin.