The Triads update…

I have just written the 200th Triad. I was about to write Triad # 201, when I realized that Triads # 201 – 209 were not present on the list. They simply were not present. They have either been lost to time or were omitted for some reason. The list resumes with Triad # 210. Nine Blessings!


UPDATE: After reviewing the Triads some more I have noticed that after Triad #200 is listed Triad 210, 220 & 230. Then Resumes with Triad 204. Based on this, I am led to believe that Triads 210, 220 & 203 are meant to be listed as Triads 201, 202 & 203. Because of this and the fact that Triads 210, 220 & 230 are listed further down in their correct positions in the list, I recommend that you list #202, 202 & 203 after Triad #200.


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