The Druid’s Keep


By, Wendell J. Gillespie

At the top of the hill stands a grove of old juniper
The trail is winding and steep
At the center of the grove lies the basalt stone flat
It is called, “The Druids Keep”.

I first stumbled upon it as a carefree youth
To self centered to appreciate its purpose
It was my fourteenth summer – I camped alone in the wilds
Living off the land with the rifle I’d purchased.

I had been hunting all day, and was looking to camp
The evening air was becoming cold
But this place that I’d chosen was barren of dead wood
I’d have to cut green limbs from the trees in the grove.

Night would fall fast, of this I knew
Tonight would be the new moon
So from tree to tree, I cut branches from each
I’d need a fire for warmth and light soon.

Thinking only of myself ñ How tired I was
I built my fire, ate, and then fell fast asleep
When the dream spirits came, they called me by name
They said, “Awaken boy! Rise to your feet.”

I stood there staring, and rubbing my eyes
Not believing what I did see
Around the basalt flat did stand, the spirits of the trees
And an old man with a staff stood in front of me.

He wore a forest green robe with the hood drawn back
He moved as if light as a feather
There was a holly wreath weaved in his long grey hair
On his feet there were sandals of leather.

His eyes barely shined in the smoky fire light
The wind in the smoke seemed to shift him
My knees grew weak; I could not move or speak
When I realized that I could see right through him.

The tree spirits cried out in their anger and pain
Citing the injuries and trespasses I’d caused
This ground is sacred, these trees are our homes
Of our laws, what rights have you to break them?

The old man stood with his hand raised for silence
The night became void of all sound
In his right hand he held the staff gripped tight
One end remained touching the ground.

He looked in my eyes, seeing right to my soul
I knew he was judging my worth
To the Spirits he said, “We can teach this lad
To honor and protect Mother Earth.”

At the decline of his kind back in ancient times
The Druid Elders had a wondrous vision
Through the world they sent Druid protectors like him
Starting groves and healing the land was their mission

The four directions they spread on different paths that led
To lands no European man had known
Steadfast in their task of holding on to the past
So to teach those of us in the present

The trees that grew on the place he did land
Were Juniper as no Oak would grow
The tree spirits were here, living in and around
They made Juniper trees their own

Natives he found they followed the herds
To nature they were deeply connected
They used animal totems; A familiar majick
Mother Earth and Creator they respected.

So for Three Thousand years he’s guarded this grove
A tired keeper of Druid majick and lore
Crossing over postponed by majick and mission
Of drui he might teach just one more.

To me he said, “You’re an arrogant boy
Always taking and never giving back.
I know your kind, always taking from the land
You’re wasteful, and your caring is slack.”

He created a vision in front of me
Of wars, of destruction, and of hate
How chemicals and pollution were killing the earth
How I was helping to hasten its waste.

I stood watching the future, tears stinging my eyes
Sobbing because I knew it was true
Then in a soft voice he said, “This doesn’t need come to pass
If you teach others what I’ll teach you.”

With a gladdened heart and a new purpose in life
I vowed to learn all he would teach
For nineteen years I would study the ways
Of this old man from The Druids Keep.

A decade has passed since my thirty-third year
The year that I earned a Druids staff
The old man has sent me a message on the wind
He says, “It is time to cross over at last.”

I am to meet him at the start of the lunar eclipse
In the basalt stone flat and come alone
To begin the ceremony that will see to his crossing
And end his tenure as guardian of the Grove.

For four nights and days we prayed and paid homage
To the Spirits, Mother Earth, and the Creator
And on the dawn of Samhain when the veil was thinnest
The old man departed this life and crossed over.

As he crossed through the veil his shadow did turn
And too me he pointed and said
“It is your turn now I’ve taught you all that I know
You must continue this life as I’ve led.”

The tree spirits cried out in unanimous approval
A decision of faith made with a leap
For I am now the Druid Guardian and Teacher
My home is the Juniper Grove called, “The Druids Keep.”

How to Use a Pendulum 

NOTE: Got this from a list some time ago. Not my creation or writings.

By: Richard Webster

Finding a lost pet and determining whether or not food is safe to eat are two excellent examples of what the humble pendulum can do. Although most people know of the pendulum, few people use it regularly to enhance their lives. Part of the reason for this is that it seems too easy. I have met countless people who used a pendulum once or twice and then put it away to experiment with things that appeared more exciting. Many years ago, I met a man who had used a pendulum to help him decide on a suitable career. Although he had followed the pendulum’s advice, and was happy with his choice of career, he had never used it again. When I asked him why, he muttered that the pendulum seemed too simple, and he would probably have chosen the same field anyway.

Of course, even though a pendulum is simple to use, it still takes practice to become good at it. You can buy pendulums at any new age store, but any weight suspended on cord or chain will act as an impromptu pendulum. Choose something that weighs at least three ounces and attach it to four to six inches of cord.

Hold the cord between the thumb and first finger of your right hand, if you are right-handed. (Use your left, if you are left-handed.) Rest your elbow on a table and allow the pendulum to swing freely an inch or so above the surface of the table. Stop the movement of the weight with your free hand. Then ask the pendulum to move in a direction that means “yes.” The pendulum may start moving immediately, or it might take a while to indicate a positive response. When it starts, it will either move from side to side, backwards and forwards, or rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Yes or No

Once the pendulum has indicated “yes,” stop it again, and then ask it to indicate “no.” Follow this by asking for “I don’t know” and “I don’t want to answer” responses.

Now you can ask the pendulum questions that can be answered with these four movements. Start by asking the pendulum questions that you already know the answers to. You might ask it if you are male. Ask if you live at your current address.

After checking your pendulum in this way, you can proceed to ask questions that you do not know the answers to. Start by asking questions that you can check later on. The correct answers that your pendulum provides will give you confidence as you continue to experiment. There is no limit to the types of questions you can ask once you become proficient with the pendulum.

Chant for Samhain

A year of beauty. A year of plenty.

A year of planting. A year of harvest.

A year of forests. A year of healing.

A year of vision. A year of passion.

A year of rebirth.


This year may we renew the earth.


Let it begin with each step we take.

Let it begin with each change we make.

Let it begin with each chain we break.

And let it begin every time we awake.

… unknown

A Druid’s Breastplate

This is the incantation for protection and empowerment based on a specific

tradition in Celtic Lore. The Druids (esp. Celtic) did not allow their works to be

written down. As the Gaels slowly converted to Christianity, many Pagan

traditions of poetry, prayer and incantation were “converted” as well.


One form of invocation that seems certain to date from pre-Christian times is

the Breastplate. These were relatively long, detailed recitations in which

various powers – divine, spiritual and natural – were called upon to aid the

practitioner. We have a number of examples, of which the most famous is the

the Breastplate of St. Patrick. This paganised Druid’s Breastplate is based on

that famous prayer.


The Armoring


Today I gird myself with triple power

Invocation of the Gods

Attunement with the Spirits

Reverence to the Ancestors


Today I gird myself

With the power of the Magic Cauldron

With the power of the Spear and Sword

And the Stone of Sovereignty

With the whole company of the Mother’s Kin


Today I gird myself

With the power of the Noble Ones


Obedience of Spirits

Service of the Sidhe


With the Loving Blessing of the Dead


Wisdom of the Wise

Courage of the Strong

Innocence of the Young

And the Deeds of Heroes.


Today I gird myself

With the Power of Heaven


Light of the Sun

Brilliance of the Moon

Splendor of Fire

Speed of Lightning

Swiftness of Wind

Depths of the Sea

Firmness of Earth

Hardness of Rock


And the Power under the Earth.


Today I gird myself

With the Goddess’ Power to direct me

With the Gods’ Wisdom to bear me up

With the Childs’ Love to content me.


Their eyes to look after me

Their ears to hear from me

Their voice to clarify for me

Their hands to guard me

Their paths open before me

Their shield to ward me


From the snares of spirits

From weakness of will

From habit and unmindfulness

From all who wish me ill

Far and near


I summon these Powers to be upon me and in me

To make me equal to any challenge:

To come between me and any power that threatens my body or



That I may have the Wisdom of the Wise

The Love of the Loving

The Power of the Powerful

That I may be known in the inner realms and acknowledged with


Know me, O Mighty Ones, for my name is ____________.


Magic within me, magic on my right hand, magic behind me,

magic on my left hand, magic before me, magic above me,

magic beneath me.

In the eye of all beholders

In the ear of all who hear

In the heart of all beings

My Magic is established.


Today I gird myself with the threefold Power


Honor to the Gods

Honor to the Fair Folk

Honor to the Dead


And Honor to the Wisdom of Magicians

That dwells in me forever!

So mote it be!

Home Preparedness – How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Home Preparedness – How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Gathering non-electric sources for lighting, cooking and for warmth.

Power outages tend to be a common occurrence in our area during the winter. By being prepared, these outages, instead of being stressful and worrisome times, have created some fond memories for our family…sitting around the kitchen table playing games by candlelight, munching on cheese and crackers and sipping cups of hot cocoa that was heated on top of  our wood stove which is radiating warmth throughout the room…

Some of those power outages continued for 5 days! Since most of our homes need electricity to function, being prepared for a power outage is important and can help alleviate the fear and stress that these situations can create.

A) Non-electric sources for lighting.

The following are excellent sources for non-electric lighting. Put these items in an easy to get to place, one that you will

remember and be able to find safely in the dark.

*A box of matchbooks.

*Tapered candles – This type puts out alot of light.

*Candle holders

*Flash light

*Batteries for the flashlight

*Kerosene lamps or Oil lamps

*Spare kerosene or lamp oil

B) Non-electric sources for cooking

Cooking without electricity can be just like cooking while camping. A Coleman camp stove is a good investment. They are fairly inexpensive and most use the disposable propane canisters which make them convenient and less messy. One will fit on the kitchen counters nicely.

When using camp stoves in the house be sure to have a window partially open for some ventilation. When done cooking put the stove outside right away as most tend to leak propane when not in use.

DO NOT use charcoal briquettes indoors – very toxic and dangerous!

If you have a wood stove that a pot will sit safely on, then you can use it to heat pots of food and kettles of water. keep a pot of water on top of it to use for warming up washing (body or dishes) water.

*Coleman type table top cook stove

*Several spare Propane canisters, the one liter size. Or a 5 gallon size if your stove can be hooked up to it.

C) Non-electric sources for heating

If you have a wood stove installed in your home chances are you have a cord or more stacked and ready for use. Wood stoves are an excellent source of non-electric heat.

If a wood stove is not applicable to you, there are other ways to keep warm when the electricity goes out. Some ways are:

*Portable alcohol heaters

*Kerosene heaters

*Wool blankets

*Warm clothing – long johns under clothes, stocking caps, wool

socks, slippers, etc.

Lehman’s is a popular resource for all survival type needs. They have many different types of nonelectric appliances, solar powered items, food and water storage supplies and more. You can see their website at:

With all the candles and open flames you will have operating during a power outage it is vital that you have a fire extinguisher. Mount one in a visible easy to reach place.

Let us take a hint from nature and take the time now to prepare our homes for winter.

(c)2001-2002, Kelly Frohnauer You can read more of her simple living and homeschooling

articles in the Family Homesteading Advocate at:

Spell Forecasting

Before casting a spell, you may wish to do divination to determine whether or not it’s advisable to proceed. A simple tarot spread can help clarify this. Draw five cards and lay them out in a horizontal row, from left to right:

1) Validity, 2) Viability, 3) Benefits, 4) Drawbacks, 5) Outcome.

The first card reveals whether or not you have sufficient reason to cast the spell.

The second card explains whether or not the spell will work.

The third card shows what positive results the spell is likely to bring.

The fourth card shows what negative results the spell is likely to bring.

The fifth card describes the most probable outcome after the spell is cast.

Put five cards together to create a picture that can help you decide if you really want to proceed with casting that spell. Elizabeth Barrette

from Spell-a-Day Almanacs

Cyber Moon Emporiumfrom Spell-a-Day Almanacs

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