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Spell Forecasting

Before casting a spell, you may wish to do divination to determine whether or not it’s advisable to proceed. A simple tarot spread can help clarify this. Draw five cards and lay them out in a horizontal row, from left to right:

1) Validity, 2) Viability, 3) Benefits, 4) Drawbacks, 5) Outcome.

The first card reveals whether or not you have sufficient reason to cast the spell.

The second card explains whether or not the spell will work.

The third card shows what positive results the spell is likely to bring.

The fourth card shows what negative results the spell is likely to bring.

The fifth card describes the most probable outcome after the spell is cast.

Put five cards together to create a picture that can help you decide if you really want to proceed with casting that spell.

..by Elizabeth Barrette

from Spell-a-Day Almanacs

Cyber Moon Emporiumfrom Spell-a-Day Almanacs

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