July 1, 2015 – My first Ritual

YouTube: Under the Oak by Ian Corrigan

For years I have been STUDYING Paganism as a whole, but have focused on Druidry. I have not been PRACTICING. In this series Under the Oak, Ian Corrigan  presents a ritual for use called “A Simple Druid Ritual”. In order to write it down I had to start the video, pause it, then rinse & repeat until I had transcribed the entire ritual in the video. I am not sure if I conducted the ritual 100% correctly.  But I have no reference points to refer to. The closest and weakest reference point I have is taking communion in the Lutheran church my parents went to. But since that ritual, something has awoken in me. I have noticed I have been saying a healing prayer to Brigid, Daughter of the Dadga. I have been saying this prayer for the last two nights to Brigid, with slight variations.

Also, I have transcribed the Druid Invocation at the Thirteen Stones and the Chant for Samhain as well as Earth’s Commandments.

Please feel free to leave comments & as questions.


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