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The Survivor’s Shield

In response to the San Bernardino, California shootings:


Eccentric Bard

NOTE: Before you start reciting, you should ground yourself.  The Survivor’s Shield is to be recited thrice times three. After the first three recitations, take a minute to focus the energy and to catch your breath. Repeat twice more and you’re finished.


Nine Blessings on the Gun Men who wantonly take life.

By the Sky above, let the winds fill their lungs with air to breathe.
Let the Sky above fill their hearts, minds and souls with the
gift of compassion that they have irresponsibly discarded.

By the Sea around us, let the waters drown them in life.
Let the Sea with its ebb and tide remind them how sacred life is.
Let the Sea boil the water in their bodies reminding them of
their own mortality.

By the Earth beneath us all, let the Gun Men be immobile.
Let the Earth reveal its splendor lessening their madness.
By the grace of the Gods, let the Earth ground the Gun Men,
absorbing their madness, their rage, their desire for Death.

Nine blessings of peace on all who recite this.


2 thoughts on “The Survivor’s Shield

  1. Thank you. If you want to share this you may. All I ask is that you do not write this down or print it out for your friends, but give them the link to this page. Thank you.


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