I was born in 1970 into a Protestant family who practiced the Lutheran faith. Growing up, we celebrated Christmas like most/all christian families. As children we see the decorations, the lights, the tree. And we partake in the annual ritual of going to the mall(s) and buying gifts and sitting in the lap of a Santa Claus with a fake beard and a poorly fitting Santa outfit. When I was younger (I’m 45 yrs old now) I got to sit in the lap of a Santa with a very serious case of body oder.

Back in the 1970’s & 1980’s because the strength of the U.S. Dollar being weak, it could take up to three – six months to pay off the bills incurred at Christmas time. As children, we do not see the stress this induces in our parents and older siblings. The Christmas Spirit is palpable, tangible and real for all children.

Whether you are Christian or Pagan, the Yuletide season is real. It holds magic. Old magic, wild magic, tangible.

As we grow older, we become aware of the Capitalist machine that is, in America, American Capitalism. The magic that is the Christmas Spirit or Yuletide Magic gets drowned out and we become de-sensitized to it as the mass-marketing consumerism over takes us all as we grow older and get jobs to pay bills and buy food and necessary medicine.

With this, we struggle to maintain a sense of magic for the season. If not for ourselves, for our own children.

As a male Pagan, attempting to learn and walk the Path of Druidry, I find myself struggling to re-embrace the Yuletide magic. So, how does one embrace the magic after being de-sensitized? I will let you know as I seek and discover the answer…



  1. Hi! I can relate to this. To feel the magic of this time of the year, I simply become very calm. Not much talking, no stressful Christmas shopping, no parties. Though, it’s not easy for friends and family to understand that one wants to use this time for reflection and meditation. Enjoy the peace within you and around you in nature. This makes every time of the year a magical time 🙂


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