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Truth Against The World #3

I first got on the internet back in the early – mid 1990’s. I joined a few pagan mailing lists. Browsed the news groups on Usenet. Tried my hand a creating a web page.

But one of the expressions on the mailing lists was “have you seen a rich witch?” This expression came about as Pagans we were buying the most recent book put out by Llewellyn Publications. Or Element Books or other publishers. We were also buying herbs, crystals and materials for our pagan crafts to pursue our faith.

Some of us had more obligations than we cared to share. Some of us were and still are living paycheck to paycheck. Some of us worked two jobs. One of which was full time and the other part time. Some of us were working two full time jobs to make ends meet for our families/children’d needs. And for our religious pursuits. Some of us didn’t have two pennies to rub together and were on the verge of being evicted.

We all like to stand on our own two feet. Brave the world on our own terms. But how do we do this? What are our options? First off, we need to know what our options are. And we need to be realistic about those options before we start pursuing them. Or else we will dig ourselves a hole we may have no way out of.

Most firms like Scottrade, Charles Schwab, you can invest in stocks, open an IRA or a Roth IRA. But check with the company you work for. See if they offer a 401K program. Also, be advised: if you go to a local bank to open a IRA or Roth IRA they may require a deposit between two thousand dollars ($2000) to five thousand dollars ($5000) to open the IRA.But be forewarned: Some companies only offer 401k’s to the Corporate Executives. Others will offer a 401k to employees. Other companies will offer a 401k to employees, but will only match contributions made by corporate executives who have the 401k’s.

Check with your company first!

In closing, if a 401k is not available to you, you can try this:

The 52 Week Money Challenge

Try it. If it works for you, you can try to double it the following year.


Nine Blessings!


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