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Truth Against The World #5

Ask anybody. Ask anybody and they will tell you the SPOKEN WORD has power. Carries power to all who hear it. Or feels it.

So does the WRITTEN WORD. In writing it we pour our hearts, our dreams, our very intent into the WRITTEN WORD. It becomes an extension us. Of our being. Of our will.

Yet, even though it matters not what God, Goddess or Gods you give praise to. Or pray to. It matters not how you pray. There is no RIGHT way to pray. Yet, there are wrong ways.

It matters not if your God or Goddess is a luminous being who cherishes life like the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Or a dark Goddess like Morrighan who embraces War and the Soldiers death. Or the Greek God Hades, Lord of the Greek Underworld.

Yet, we pray. And we pray for all kinds of things. From the serious things like good health for ourselves, our family, our friends. To the frivolous like winning the lottery. And we keep praying because we believe and know there is a deity listening to us. Granting or answering our prayer(s).

Yet, sometimes when we pray for the frivolous things in life, we do not consider all the ramifications of our actions. Or the consequences of our prayer.

Some of things we do not always realize is that, prayer in its own form is a type of ritual. You can call it a a prayer, chant, ritual or mantra. Which ever you call it, It requires a few things to make it happen.

  1. A vision. This requires you to visualize what you want to happen or take place.
  2. Intent. You need to have a intention for what you want out of the prayer.
  3. Will. Coupled with the vision you use to fuel the intent, you need to add will to the previous two to achieve the desired result.

Yet, if we do none of the above our prayer may not come to be fulfilled in any manner whatsoever. And our effort will be all for naught.

One final word. The old axiom “Be careful what you wish for” is well known. Keep in mind,  it goes on to say “because you just might get it.” It says this for a reason. Because, everybody needs to be careful of the consequences, both good and ill.

One prayer the world needs right now is to be healed of it pain and suffering, both in the natural world and the man made world.

Nine Blessings!


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