Derg (modern ‘dearg’): Red (originally meant “bright, showy”)

Ruad (modern ‘rua’): Foxy-red; used exclusively of hair and fur (perhaps feathers); cannot be applied to inanimate objects.

Fland (modern ‘flann’): Scarlet; bright red verging on orange

Buide (modern bu/i): Yellow, shading into ochre and yellowish-brown (we get the word “bay”, as the colour of a horse, as a borrowing from Gaulish by way of French)

Donn: Middle shades of brown (applied to hair, fur or feathers)

Odur (modern ‘odhar’): Light brown (”   ”   “)

Ciar: Dark brown, verging on black (”   ”   “)

Gorm: (originally meant “like a bruise”) light or bright blue; rich or dark brown (if *not* applied to hair, etc)

Glas: Green (of growing things like leaves, grass, etc); dark blue (of water);

dark grey.

Uaine: Bright green (usually applied to inanimates)

Liath: Grey (usually applied to hair, etc, but can be applied to inanimates if

light grey)

Dubh: Black

B/an: White, but can also mean cream-colour or very light yellow

Find (modern ‘fionn’): Blond/yellow, if applied to hair, etc

Gel (modern ‘geal’): Pure white


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