A commentary….

When I started The Crane Book of Wisdom blog, it was not to garner one hundred hits per day or to be an attention hog. If people come to my blog it is because the topics I post are of interest to them. And some have found my blog because of the tags I include with each post.


I started my blog to share what I know. And hopefully inspire others. Some of the posts I make are not of my own creation. I have recently received some criticism that I share too much without adding a personal note about the topic. The fact is, I do not add notes with the external links I post because I do want to write something that might be misconstrued by the reader.


Will I keep posting the links to my blog? Yes, I will. But I will not be sharing them as much as I have been. I will rely on word of mouth. And blog post shares that you, my readers, feel like sharing.


Nine Blessings!


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