IT’S ALL IN THE SWING or How to Train Your Pendulum

Mystic Cauldron Blog

Today I want to talk about pendulums. Especially since getting them to work reliably has been a real challenge for me. In the event that you just discovered the wide world of magic, and don’t know what a pendulum is, it’s essentially an item with a bit of weight to it, which hangs from about 4″ – 6″ of string. My first one was a skeleton key on a cotton string, and since that pendulum, I have had lovely stone pendulums, brass pendulums, as well as a gorgeous gothic looking glass crystal one.

One common pendulum that used to be used, that isn’t used as much today, is a wedding band. This pendulum was mostly used to determine if a pregnant woman was going to have a boy or a girl. They would hold the ring, often the
pregnant woman’s ring, which was strung on a chain or string over…

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