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My Crane Book of Wisdom Table of Contents

Crane Book of Wisdom TOC

“All pagans have heard of a Book of Shadows. This is The Crane Book of Wisdom.”

That is the description of my blog, this blog that I maintain. With that I have have started this blog with the intent of sharing what I have discovered. A educational blog so those new to Druidry can search what I have found to be relevant to my studies. I have also created a hard copy of The Crane Book of Wisdom. I created this hard copy back on December 10, 2013. And last year i discovered a app or application I use daily if not weekly. And I have been creating a Table of Contents for my crane Book of Wisdom in a program called Evernote. It is touted as a application for corporate collaboration, but it lacks the built in network security features that would attract Fortune 500 companies. Yet is it great for start-up companies, schools, families and religion organizations. Organizations like Druid groves, Wiccan covens and Universal Life Church subdivisions like CUUPS.

I think it is a great asset for collaboration on Group rituals and the sharing of knowledge in general.

Nine Blessings!


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