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Truth Against The World #7

October 31st is known by several names. Some popular and past names are All Hallows Eve, Hallowe’en and Halloween. Please note the slight difference in spelling. It is also known to the Pagan community as Samhain/Samhuinn. The word origin of Samhain is actually of Irish origin. Although, there are two ways of pronouncing the word. And one way NOT to pronounce it. The first way is sow-in. The second way is sah-win. The way not to pronounce it is sam-hane. Samhuinn is the Gaelic spelling of Samhain.
It is the day of year we honour our ancestors. Give thanks to our departed family members who were a part of our lives. Our uncles and aunts. Cousins and departed siblings. And our mother or father who passed away before we were ready to let them go. Before we had learned what lessons they still had to teach us.
And yet, people are still dying. People we never met. People we will never know. People we will never have a chance to thank. The people I’m speaking about are our military veterans.
One of the the days we have designated a day to honor our veterans is called Memorial Day. It is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. It was started back in 1868 by General John Logan. And it was originally called Decoration Day. And the name referenced the tradition of decorating the graves of the soldiers who lost their lives during the American Civil War. Its original date was May 30th.
And our veterans. Our veterans have fought and died defending our constitution. Our rights, our freedom, and our way of life. And most, if not all, pagans are pacifists or conscientious objectors to any war or open conflict the U.S.A. might get into.
Yet our soldiers and veterans do not hold a place in our practices as pagans. We do not honor them like we do our ancestors, our family. Yet we owe them as much if not more as our ancestors. We can compose spells or rituals to honor soldiers or veterans that we are friends with. Or are family members of friends we know.
Yet, the pagan community has done spells and/or rituals to end the war or conflict that is taking place. We mention the names of the friend’s family member or the member of our own family who died as a result. Yet, I do not think to date, there has actually been a specific spell or ritual honoring all those who have died serving their country with honor and/or distinction.
My father served in the U.S. Army. My uncle Stuart served in the U.S Marine Corp.
And still there is no ritual that is designed to give thanks to those who have died for our country. Nor is that same ritual designed to offer protection to those who still live carrying on the [good] fight.
I refuse to put this on anybody else, but the shame I feel about this sad truth is mine to carry.
And to every soldier serving our military, I say this: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND DEDICATION. MAY THE GODS BLESS & PROTECT EVERY ONE OF YOU!
Nine Blessings!

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