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The Druid Code

Like a lot of people who saw the original trilogy of Star Wars in the late seventies and early eighties, I am a fan of the movies and the books that were released in the 90’s. From Star Wars we got the Jedi Code, the Grey Jedi Code and the Sith Code. A while back I saw a meme featuring all three. It inspired me to create a Druid Code. And I present it here for review and debate.

The Druid Code:

There is no ugliness, there is natural beauty,
The is no ignorance, there is natural wisdom,
There is no curiosity, there is natural wonder,
There are no curses in nature, there are only natural blessings,
There is no illness in nature, there is only healing,
as we worship the divine, we make sacred our space.
Nine Blessings!

4 thoughts on “The Druid Code

  1. All in all i like it the Jedi Code and the Sith Code each line lead to the next one you do not see that with yours but i do like it a lot


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