Earth as transformer 

SpirallingLeaf - A Druid crafter's tales

​In the Northern Hemisphere, at this verdant time of year it can be all to easy to forget about the soil beneath our feet. In fact the only time we see bare soil at this time of year is when it is freshly disturbed; within weeks, though, this softly broken earth will be flourishing with fresh leaves as nature paints a green blanket over the fertile soil. This is one of the wonders that I’d like to talk about here – that bare soil usually doesn’t stay bare for too long. You see soil is very much alive and the life within it has evolved to be buried.

If we took a heaped teaspoon of fresh topsoil and peered at it incredibly closely we’d notice that there were all manners of tiny critters in there – little beetles, mites and wiggly wormy things… If we upped the magnification substantially, we’d…

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