Truth Against The World #12

The Druids of old, they were politically active. In Ireland, they were Brehons. Judges, Law Makers and policy setters. They were revered by the citizens and royalty for their knowledge and wisdom. In the region we collectively call the United Kingdom, they were councilors, judges and advisors. And they were also politically active in the United Kingdom.
And while it is brave and noble to fight for what you believe in. It is noble to have a cause to fight for. To believe in. To reach for ideals that you sympathize with. In the last century there have several causes to cherish, to champion. Whether you believe in the ideals espoused by GreenPeace, PETA or another cause or organization, do so cautiously. You can believe in any cause or organization without becoming a die-hard believer. Or a True Believer. These are the ones who have a history of or become mentally unbalanced or willing to commit any crime with a deep rooted disregard to human life.
Another group with a deep rooted disregard to human life? The Nazi Army who followed a prolific man who swayed a nation. Adolf Hitler. The Jewish population in Germany and in Europe as a whole, was a bane to the Nazi’s. And their ideals. How many did the Nazi’s kill? Six million. They burned/cremated them in ovens. And the bodies they did not burn they riddled with bullets and put them into mass graves.
Their policy? Religious discrimination. Racial discrimination. Their path in life? Hatred. Pure, unadulterated HATRED. And this policy, this path has now be adopted by the zealous followers and members of the bigoted association known as the Klu Klux Klan, or the KKK. And by the over-zealous dullards that are the supporters of the President-Elect, Donald J. Trump.
However. We must be cautious. As Pagans, we are a religious minority. And by being an activist group/organization against him, like the Jews of Germany, we could become targets. Especially those of us who are not white. Or are gay/lesbian. So. How do we overcome this? How do we prevent history from repeating itself? I have no idea. That is for people smarter than me to figure out…
Now, I want to share something with you all:

(The text below as well as the picture above is taken from a post on Facebook by Alex Shams)

This is Jo Cox, a member of the British Parliament who was assassinated by a right-wing terrorist in the streets five months ago. This week, a court found him guilty of “a murder committed to advance a cause associated with Nazism.”

Ask yourself: Why haven’t you heard about this?

It was the first assassination of a member of the British Parliament in 26 years. 

Jo Cox was walking in the streets of a small English town when she was shot three times and stabbed more than a dozen times by a man yelling “This is for Britain”, “keep Britain independent”, and “Britain first.” 

She was an advocate of Syrian and Palestinian refugees and she fought for a vision of a tolerant, multicultural Britain.

Sound familiar? “Make America Great Again”?

Jo Cox was assassinated by a right-wing terrorist for her political beliefs. And yet her death was barely covered in the news. Her face will not be remembered. In the US, no one has even heard of her.

When in 2013 British soldier Lee Rigby was stabbed by a deranged convert to Islam in London, the whole world heard about the “Muslim terror” sweeping England. But when a right-wing terrorist stabs to death a MEMBER of PARLIAMENT dedicated to helping refugees, we don’t hear a word?

We must take right-wing hatred seriously. We must take Trump and Le Pen and all of the rest of these right-wing nationalists seriously.

Please, remember Jo Cox. Remember her face. Remember why she died.

And fight for her legacy. Don’t stop fighting. And don’t allow them to cover up her death, or to cover up how serious the threat we face is.

The world must know Jo Cox. America must know Jo Cox.