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Smoking The House Clean

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The Weekly Druid

RauchpfandlNow that even the calendar that is based on the Romans’ reckoning of the year has let us know that a new year is upon us (Celts and others may have celebrated that already at the Winter Solstice), we are all busy with resolutions and plans for the time to come.

But before we venture out to try this new diet, to really go running every day, to hunt down the all-promising job, or to finally take on this home improvement project, we could stop for a moment and contemplate how to clean the house – literally and figuratively. Let’s clear out the old clutter from the past year, all that stuffthat may hold us back, even make us give up on our resolutions.

Fortunately, our ancestors came up with some ideas already in ye olden days, and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. In the Alps, our…

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