Bardic: Performance and the Awen

An interesting perspective of the Awen. Enjoy the read.

Druid Life

The awen (a Welsh word) is invoked by Druids in ritual, usually by chanting it. This is one of the traditions we owe to revivalists, not to ancient history. However, the experience of flowing inspiration is something that can and does happen – during periods of creativity, but also sometimes when performing.

For me, it’s a sensation of being completely taken over by what I’m doing and being able to do it in a totally different way – with more drama, intensity and depth than usual. On rare occasions, it’s had some very odd effects indeed. I recall a ritual when three of us spontaneously improvised music together, and another ritual where I re-wrote one of my own songs as I went to better fit the situation. I had no real memory afterwards of what I’d sung.

Awen is something that turns up when it does – it cannot be…

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The Pagan Community – A Survivors Guide

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So you’ve found this wonderful thing called Paganism. You might be called to explore a particular path, be that Wicca, Witchcraft, Asatru, Druidry or Shamanism, or you might just want to go with the flow of the eclectic and take stuff from all over. There are magazines, courses, physical groups, online groups, moots, festivals, open…

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Moon Phases and Esbats 2016-2017 Southern Hemisphere — hocuspocus13

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