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Wassailing the Pawpaw Trees of Accotink Park

A post I am sharing on the topic of wassailing. Posted by a fellow member of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druidry (OBOD).

Tree of Many Feathers

A small group of us gathered in the freezing rain yesterday to give tribute to the pawpaw trees of Lake Accotink Park. A small grove of pawpaws grow along the trails and creekside that we often walk together in silent meditations.

trees-waterI set the date of this event following Dana Driscoll’s call on the AODA forum to uphold the UK and North American tradition of wassailing apple trees and orchards on Twelfth Night. And who wouldn’t want to exalt these amazing trees? They give us delicious fruit and have such historically resonant spiritual lore. I was “in” immediately. Ultimately, these rituals are an opportunity to reflect with deep gratitude on the natural abundance in our lives, to offer healing and respect to those beings that in turn sustain us throughout the year. (Dana has written pieces on wassailing and tree blessing traditions that you can read here and here. )

A small group of…

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