A Druid Wedding Ritual

If you’re planning a wedding, here is a template for you to follow.

Esoteric Moment

I had these grand aspirations to do a wedding series of videos on my channel and blog in the month leading up to my wedding. Well, I got videos recorded but never managed to finish the editing process or actually post much. Instead I find myself, days after my wedding, finally getting the silly things posted. Thanks for all of the new subscribers who waited patiently!

The video covers a bit more about what Brad and I considered as we planned the ritual part of our wedding. We had a traditional circle casting, offering to ancestors, a handfasting, personal vows with ring exchange, and then a circle closing. You’ll find the script below. I hope it helps inspire other couples!


Vilas Park, the small island between the arched bridges on the walking path,  couple and officiant in the middle, guests standing in a circle around couple,  each “element” stands…

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