Hogweed: What Is the Invading Plant That Burns and Blinds?

NOTE 1: This plant is DANGEROUS! If you find any near your home or place of work call your state’s Dept. of Agriculture right away!!!

NOTE 2: Thank you to the National Geographic web site for the article!


What Is Hogweed, the Invading Plant That Burns and Blinds?

The striking plant was brought to North America to decorate gardens and arboretums, but now officials are working to wipe it out.

An update on my Crane Book of Wisdom

NOTE: I needed time to collect my thoughts for this post. So, please enjoy the read.


May 5, 2018; Cinco de Mayo:


It took four years and five months, but I have finally completed my first Crane Book of Wisdom. Book 1 is completed and I am now starting Book Two. Its been an interesting journey. I had started one before, but lost it along the way on my journey through this life of mine.


I have also, as means of honoring my fathers memory, started wearing a silver cross. This cross is engraved with fathers initials and birthday. He was Protestant, a Lutheran. And yes, I still miss him. Even though he died from complications of Parkinson’s disease.


But most importantly, the journey that was Book One was fun, thrilling, and arduous. But well worth the ride. I hope Book Two is more of the same.


Nine Blessings to all!