Druids, Brahmins, Buddhist empires, and the fall of Constantinople

A great article for those who want to look into the scholarly side of Druidry/Druidism.

Ymgyrch i Annwfn



Modern Druidry is hugely influenced by Iolo Morganwg, the eighteenth-century genius: poet, religious reformer, and political radical.

Iolo’s Barddas forms the core of religious Druidry, rather than the psychotherapy-influenced Druidry of OBOD, for example.

In Barddas, Iolo sets out the concept of the soul’s journey from Annwn, through Abred, to Gwynfyd; from the least, barely sentient, form of life, through endless reincarnations, to the world of spirit (where the soul continues to change and move towards greater enlightenment).

Iolo was inspired by his reading of Asian literature, particularly that of Hinduism. In his day, the British were active in India through the East India Company, and the loss of the American colonies was beginning the expansionist drive that would eventually lead to the Raj, the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the British Empire. In this period, the British in India (according to William Dalrymple in City of Djinns)…

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Irish Barmbrack for Halloween

A recipe for a Irish Barmbrack. Enjoy.

The Shamrock and Peach

Irish Sweet Bread Halloween Baking

Halloween was always one of my favorite times of the year growing up in Ireland, and it should come as no surprise that my best memories are related to home baking and fun traditions shared around the dinner table. My mother would always hide hidden charms in our favorite Halloween baked goods as a tradition, and amongst those treats she always included a wee home made BarmBrack loaf and an apple tart.

Barmbrack is a traditional warm and spicy fruit loaf that is absolutely delicious hot from the oven with loads of creamy Irish butter – and of course, apple tart is an apple pie here in America! So now you know!

So, here is it to share  – my family recipe that’s enjoyed in Ireland this time of year.

This name “brack” comes from the Irish word “breac” meaning speckled (the speckles are the fruits and candied…

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