American Crow—The Bird Most People Hate

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American Crow—The Bird Most People Hate

How to Make Friends with Crows

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How to Make Friends with Crows

7 Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times

by John Beckett


7 Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times

A Druid Wedding Ritual

If you’re planning a wedding, here is a template for you to follow.

Esoteric Moment

I had these grand aspirations to do a wedding series of videos on my channel and blog in the month leading up to my wedding. Well, I got videos recorded but never managed to finish the editing process or actually post much. Instead I find myself, days after my wedding, finally getting the silly things posted. Thanks for all of the new subscribers who waited patiently!

The video covers a bit more about what Brad and I considered as we planned the ritual part of our wedding. We had a traditional circle casting, offering to ancestors, a handfasting, personal vows with ring exchange, and then a circle closing. You’ll find the script below. I hope it helps inspire other couples!


Vilas Park, the small island between the arched bridges on the walking path,  couple and officiant in the middle, guests standing in a circle around couple,  each “element” stands…

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Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

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Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

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The Heritage Council and are pleased to announce the release of their latest dataset mapping Ireland’s mysterious Sheela-na-Gigs.

Launch of Sheela-na-Gigs Map

Update April 21, 2017

Among some of the more practical tracts of text pertaining to Druidry and Paganism, I have been adding some  quotes and poetry and a few meditations and chants and prayers to my Crane Book of Wisdom.

Among them are “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry, “Nature Meditation on Amergin”, “I Have” a Navajo chant, “Earth Teach Me” an Ute prayer.

Some more: “Calling My Name” by Jim Beer, “The Task of a Poet” by Dejan Stojanovic, “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye, “Advice From A Tree” by Ilan Shamir, “The Druid Vow of Friendship” which I found on Pinterest.

Some more good stuff: “The Dream of Now” by William Stafford, “Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening” and “The Road Not Taken”by Robert Frost,, and “An English Wood” by Robert Graves, Brehon Law and Trees, “Do not be dismayed” by L.R. Knost, “Let Earth be healed”, and another chant called simply The Awen chant.