Americans United celebrates 70 years of defending religious freedom

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Americans United celebrates 70 years of defending religious freedom


America’s Independence Day and Your Pets

Tomorrow is July 4th. Independence Day, here in America. We will be eating good and having merriment. To all my readers in America, Happy 4th of July! Now onto the real for this post. Those of us who have pets, TAKE HEED!


When you set off your fireworks that were purchased at the stands remember to  set them off away from your domicile, your place of residence. Its not just for fire safety. Its because the loud noises not only cause fear and anxiety in your pets, both cats and dogs. Animals have better hearing than humans. If its loud to you, its deafening to them. If you live in a location where you have a huge field, that might want to set them off as far away from the domicile where you have you pet.


Please have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!!!!