Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

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Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

NOTE: Thanks to The Heritage Council and for the article!


The Heritage Council and are pleased to announce the release of their latest dataset mapping Ireland’s mysterious Sheela-na-Gigs.

Launch of Sheela-na-Gigs Map

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MAGICK WOOD Each wood you burn for your Yule Log releases its own kind of Magick ASH: protection/health ASPEN: understanding BIRCH: new beginnings HOLLY: inspires OAK: wisdom/healing/strength PINE: prosperity/growth WILLOW: desire 🔥LET THE MAGICK BEGIN🔥 Set up your Yule Log and light it Sit quietly by the light of the fire As the Yule Log […]

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Paganism Growing in The U.S. Army: Choose Your Own Gods

Paganism Growing in The U.S. Army: Choose Your Own Gods

OBOD’s A Druid Glossary

A year or two ago I posted a item called A Druid’s Glossary. Then late last year I posted an update to it stating that was created by  The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). I have deleted that post. And I have posted as its own page on my blog. Its own page, not its own post.  The page is titled The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids A Druid Glossary.

Please be sure to give it a once over….

Nine Blessings!

Don’t Forget These 10 Rules When Placing Your Ganesha At Home Or Work

When you purchase your statuary of the Goddesses and Gods, whether by mail order or at your local Pagan/Occult store, do you give much thought where you are going to put them? Or do you just place them where you have room? Or in place where its convenient?  This article might give you some insight as to where they should/need to be placed for maximum effect or benefit. Please enjoy the read.

Don’t Forget These 10 Rules When Placing Your Ganesha At Home Or Work

A Life’s Work

On December 10, 2013, I started writing my Crane Book of Wisdom. The hard copy book I have been writing in since. About two years ago I started this blog. I started it with the intention of providing information to those who were looking for information on Druidry. My Crane Book of Wisdom (the hard copy) is roughly eighty-five percent to ninety percent full. In the last six months I have started three other books. I will soon need to start a second book. 🙂


The next is a book for my Ogham readings. This one I have mentioned before. I have drawn the ogham shapes and their meanings in the front of the book. In this book I write the question I have to ask and what ogham fews I have drawn. I remain, at present, on the fence on whether or not to include my decision. But I suspect I will at some point.


The next book is called The Book of Prayers and Blessings. In this book I have written prayers found in The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids magazine Touchstone. As well as a few from the Carmina Gadelica. I have Mara Freeman’s A Druid Blessing for the Trees, The Druid Prayer, and The Druid Peace Prayer.


Finally is the latest book. I call it The Druid’s Spell Book. In this I have written a spell composed by Ian Corrigan. And two others. I have just started it and it is coming along nicely.


My life’s work. It started with my Crane book of Wisdom, and has expanded to include so much more. I will keep you keep you informed with the progress….