Truth Against The World #9

Its July of 2016. President Obama’s tenure as President of the United States America is almost over. And open season on police officers has been declared. These are not gun nuts who stockpile weapons for the zombie apocalypse or armageddon. These are out raged individuals over the killings of individuals whose only crime was the color of their skin. And this is not in their defense.
Donald Trump who is painting himself as a racist, a bigot and a homophobe, is running for president. His father had ties with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). He (Donald) is a fear monger. A hate monger. A lot of people are flocking to him because they agree or sympathize with the message he sends. He speaks of race, of fear and hatred. He is trying to destroy what has been built in in race relations in the last fifty years. Everybody in America assumes that after the Civil Rights march in the 1960’s by Martin Luther King, all of America’s Race issues and racial divide was healed. That all was right with the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you believe that, you have been living a pipe dream that has been shrouded from reality.
Hillary Clinton is the ( official ) Democratic Party Nominee. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has not yet conceded the presidential race to any body. With his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party has experienced a influx of donations by 1000%. Hillary is still facing a uphill battle, even though she was endorsed by Bernie. She might make it to the White House, but the question is who will be in the DRIVERS SEAT? Will the driver be Hillary or Bill Clinton? And why is she so desperate to be the first female president? Why does she feel or believe she is the one destined to be the first American Female President???
Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. I will admit I do not know much about Jill Stein or The Green Party she represents and leads. But as I mentioned above, donations have increased up to 1000% to The Green Party. However, say what you will about Jill Stein, she is now one of the most powerful women in America, politically. If Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has told both his delegates and followers to get behind Jill Stein, we may be in for an interesting election come November.
In closing, I offer you these thoughts. What if Trump is running not to win. But to prove a point, to prove he could make it if he wanted too. To prove Americans will vote for anybody who can and will play to their bigotry and fears. But that people who will listen to him, will vote for like minded individuals in their states to Congress.  And that Trump chose Pence because he (Pence) is Trump’s very own Sarah Palin? And now for some thinking outside the box. What if Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed HRC to to stay in the presidential race? That he never conceded the race because he wanted his supporters ( and his delegates) to get behind Jill Stein and the Green Party? Professor Cornell West has thrown his support behind Jill Stein, a man who supported Bernie. So here is my conclusion. Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed HRC to stay in the race since he did not concede or suspend his race. That said, I believe Bernie told Cornell West, his supporters and his delegates to get behind Jill Stein. The Reason? Simple. Since Bernie did not concede the race, he knew he could not beat both Donald Trump and/or HRC. But with everybody who supported him now behind Jill Stein. Bernie could still be in the race. With Bernie either as President or Vice President with the support of the Green Party.

My Book of Prayers and Blessings

As you may remember that on December 10, 2013 I had started this blog as a companion project to my physical Crane Book of Wisdom. I had chosen the name because Book of Shadows is largely associated with Wicca and Witchcraft. I chose Crane Book of Wisdom because I have leanings towards Druidry. I also chose because in the Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom: A Celtic Shaman’s Sourcebook by Caitlin & John Matthews, ISBN# 1-85230-561-4. Within this book, on page 142, is a story about a crane bag. That is a bag created from the skin of a crane.  A story steeped in Druidic lore and myth. And that is why I chose the name Crane Book of Wisdom.


I have also created a journal to record my readings of the Ogham staves or fews that I have put into the front of that book as well as their meanings. Yes, I urge all who use the Ogham fews to keep such a journal. I put the question to be asked. the fews/staves drawn. Their meanings. And the conclusion drawn from the reading. It matters not if you use Ogham fews/staves, runes, or the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck or any other tarot deck. Keep a journal. It will be a big asset. I promise.


My other book is a Book of Prayers and Blessings. This book contains prayers I have found on web sites, social media like Facebook and Pinterest. Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) is a Druid organization that is all inclusive. Though they apply the term Druid to all members, they include the Celtic Pantheon of Gods, the Norse faith Asatru, and Greco-Roman/Hellenic faith of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, and others. And if you join the organization CUUPs, they too include prayers for other Gods of other faiths. And I have included prayers for the Celtic and Norse deities in my book of Prayers and Blessings! I have at present have not research prayers of other faiths. Yet.


Write your prayers down. It does not matter if they are for the birth of your children, the burial of a loved one or a prayer for a loan to go through to get a house. Write them down. Write them on a pad of paper until your prayers takes the final form it needs to be. And then write the final form in your book. If it is a common prayer said by every body write it down. If it is a prayer of your creation, write it down in the book. But leave room in the book after the prayer so you can record the results of the prayer to see if it worked or not. But write every thing down. You will be happy you did.


Nine Blessings!

Truth Against The World #6

As we, as a race, are growing older and mature we seek to understand much about ourselves. Yet, we still wage wars instead of using that money to finance cures for the various forms of cancer. We wage wars instead financing a cure for Diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease ( of which my father died from the complications thereof). We manufacture chemical weapons under the guise of using them to create cure. We finance weapons of war in hopes of the fact we will have the one weapon that can end it.

All military weapons are fully automatic. These weapons are shared with the various law enforcement agencies, including local police departments no matter how large or how small. Yet, we sell these self same weapons to our friends. Our neighbors. Or very citizens. Yet we tell them there is one catch. To make it legal for you to own them, the weapons will not be fully automatic. Only semi-automatic. These are the terms, do you agree? Yes we said.

And with our military owning fully automatic weapons as well as advanced weaponry as our [citizens] society has become ill as we seek to own bigger, better weapons to hunt, to kill not just our enemies, but ourselves as well.

All too often in the media we hear about weapons being left unattended and and children dying by their own hand because they think they are toys. Yet we almost never hear about the final outcome of the tragic event. We never hear if the parents are arrested and stand trial for negligent homicide.

And yet, we hear about mothers and other parents who are outraged at these “gun nuts” who do the above and never face any kind of punishment whatsoever. They want to be outraged, let them be. But I never hear anything about these outraged parents and citizens launching a letter writing campaign. Or a petition. Bringing a dire situation to light is honorable. But sometimes bringing things to light is not enough. We need to take political action, but we need to bring about this change in our life first.  Then we need to reach out to other political bodies who want to bring about change in our community. Then our state. And finally our country.

But we are left with the question. What change do we want to bring about exactly? And we must remember the Constitution grants us inalienable rights. One of which is to bear arms. This might be bone stuck in their craw to some. But. That change you want to bring about? Why not push for stricter gun laws. The child dies. But the parents who leave their guns out in the open unattended should not a a free walk. Stricter gun laws need to be in place. Ones that say if a parent leaves an unattended weapon and their dies they do no jail time, but the automatically get a “lifetime conviction” for negligent homicide. Plus they give up the right to bear/own arms of any model for the rest of their natural life.

In closing, I would like to say this one thing. Even though I believe the above needs to be put into place, I, as a citizen of the United States of America still believe in the constitutional right for America’s citizens to bear arms. Just not weapons that are assault weapons,  and semi-automatic in nature.

My Crane Book of Wisdom Table of Contents

Crane Book of Wisdom TOC

“All pagans have heard of a Book of Shadows. This is The Crane Book of Wisdom.”

That is the description of my blog, this blog that I maintain. With that I have have started this blog with the intent of sharing what I have discovered. A educational blog so those new to Druidry can search what I have found to be relevant to my studies. I have also created a hard copy of The Crane Book of Wisdom. I created this hard copy back on December 10, 2013. And last year i discovered a app or application I use daily if not weekly. And I have been creating a Table of Contents for my crane Book of Wisdom in a program called Evernote. It is touted as a application for corporate collaboration, but it lacks the built in network security features that would attract Fortune 500 companies. Yet is it great for start-up companies, schools, families and religion organizations. Organizations like Druid groves, Wiccan covens and Universal Life Church subdivisions like CUUPS.

I think it is a great asset for collaboration on Group rituals and the sharing of knowledge in general.

Nine Blessings!