Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

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Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

Awen Approved for VA Gravestones

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Awen Approved for VA Gravestones


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The Morrigan’s Prophecy

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Poem: Morrighan’s Lament

NOTE: A poem I wrote sometime ago. Thought I’d share.

Morrighan’s Lament
Shane A. Saylor

I am Morrighan,
My cloak is made of
feathers from the Raven
and Crow.  It was
soaked in the blood of
the Ulster hero CuChulainn.
Upon his death I wailed
as I lost my soul mate.
In my grief filled rage
I unleashed the Banshees
upon the houses of true
Irish Blood.  They foretell
the impending death of a
family member and escort
the soul to the Raven
that will guide it to the
great beyond.  Other times
the Banshee helps the
soul’s body to its moment
of death.  The song they
wail is a dirge of death
written by me honouring
CuChulainn.  It is a sad,
haunting song.  Much like
the look in his eyes
as the light faded
from them as his
soul left his body.