Column: California Wildfires

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California Wildfires


Truth Against The World # 8

Let me begin by saying that the fifty dead and fifty-three injured are in our thoughts and prayers of the community. In the local, state, national and global community.
Fifty dead. Fifty-three injured. This is a fact. Why has this happened? The motivations of the shooter (yes, i refuse to identify him by name – to do so would be a sign of respect, imo) may not truly ever be known in full. The authorities will never release everything in full. The deeper motives will remain locked away. Why has this happened? HATE. Vibrant, palpable, abhorrent Hate. The HATRED that burned in him was likely akin to a uncontrollable fever, accompanied by delusions of fear. Of anger. HATRED.
Fifty dead. Fifty-three injured. The weapon used was an AR-15. An assault rifle. With an extra large clip. A military weapon for sale to the citizens of America. And to those who wish to act on their aggression towards minorities. Any minority. There were red flagsBy the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI. One of the federal agencies that exists to protect us. To keep us safe from the boogeyman of fear and hatred. Once again, they dropped the ball. Once again we were made afraid of what might happen because it DID happen. And we feel weak and insecure. Why must we feel this way? Why can’t we be safe from lunatics like this guy? Why are we made to ask ourselves what we have done to deserve this? Yet, the same old act plays out before us: The Democrats call for a ban on assault weapons. They wave flags with the names of every site where a mass shooting has occurred in the last eight years. The Republicans wave their banners of War. A war on terrorism. On extremism. On enlarging the military to fight terrorists. And I shake my head in disbelief wondering if both sides have truly learned nothing after the fiasco that was George W. Bush’s “War on Terrorism”.
Fifty dead. Fifty-three injured. This is the Police Commissioner! There has been a mass shooting a night club. Get down there and secure the perimeter.” And some uniform calls one media outlet to tip them off. And the next thing we all know about the shooter. What kind of weapon was used. how much ammo they had on them. We know their nationality. Their religious beliefs. Their life story including their sexual orientation. We know everything about them within the hour. Information we really do not need to or wish to know. Though it helps the media spread the fear and panic that the shooter was trying to spread. Sex. Crime. Violence. And Violent Crime. These things sell news papers and send tv ratings through the roof. And that is the reason they keep showing us this stuff. This crime. This act of Hatred. And as they keep showing this sad, miserable news, they never once give a thought about what the consequences are. Do we know if any viewers suffering from depression commit suicide? Does their depression worsen to the where they consider suicide? And the consequences felt in the business world? They day of and the days after the various stock markets always take a dive. This weakens us further as a country. As a community. As a people.
Fifty dead. Fifty-three injured. The media are like carrion feeders. Always picking off the bones the last bit of flesh, of muscle, of sinew. Drinking the blood of the victims like a fine wine to be enjoyed by all. It sickens me. I find it abhorrent. And not to my liking. All because of the victims might be the next target of the media gluttons that are nothing more than a pack of frenzied dogs waiting for their next scent to catch. And I mourn the victims who have died. And pray for the victims that were injured. Victims who went for a good time and found only chaos and misery caressing each other like a pair of lovers waiting for the right moment.