Truth Against The World #13

    So. A brief recap. During the election Hillary Rodham Clinton, who dropped the Rodham from her name for the [presidential] campaign. And she said or did something to get Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out and support her instead. Why do I say this?  Because he had the momentum to beat her. He was better liked. He constantly beat both Hillary & Donald Trump in donations.
    When Sen. Sanders backed Fmr. Secretary of State Clinton, he suspended his campaign. Of note, and its important to remember this, he did not release his delegates. Once he backed her, he gave her the power and momentum to win the popular vote. Trump won the Electoral College. But we must remember that Hillary Rodham Clinton, because of Sen. Bernie Sanders, won the popular vote by three million votes.
    The presidential inauguration was on January 20, 2017. Since then, there has been rumors (read: suppressed stories) of Russian interference in the election to benefit Trump’s win of the election. And then we have the White House staff. Sean Spicer, Press Secretary; Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff; Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor; Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist. Why list these names? And the Russian interference? Because they are notches in America’s timeline that is not just affecting our own citizens, but affecting the opinions of the citizens of the world around us. Our international allies. And our international enemies as well.
    And now… And now Hillary Rodham Clinton is trying to make inroads that she might try again in 2020. In 2008 she went against and lost to then-Senator Barack Obama who won the election. This past election Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign was hounded and plagued by the Republican party efforts to drag down Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign over the Benghazi incident. While most Republicans have announced the whole thing was a farce, there are still repercussions.
    I know, repercussions. But what repercussions? The fact that Hillary is now damaged goods. As long as Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitchell “Mitch” McConnell is still active in the Senate, Hillary will never see the Oval Office from behind the Resolute Desk. Benghazi was the bullet that left a wound that will not heal in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton no longer has a viable political career as a presidential contender. She has to know this.
    And why has no written about the possibility that Donald J. Trump, President of the United States could be a Manchurian Candidate?

Truth Against The World #11

If this presidential election cycle has taught us anything, it is that we need section reforms in the worst way. Let me be clear, the voting process is fine. Its the campaigning that needs to be revised.
As it stands today, the modern election campaign is roughly a year and a half to two years long. During this time, presidential hopefuls try dig up as much dirt on the competition and pigeon hole their values and beliefs and their voting records. All of their voting records, for and against, are available on the internet. Roughly everybody has internet access in their house today. whether it be on a smart phone, tablet device or a home computer. If they do not have either of these, internet access is a (relatively) free service at your local library. You may need to pay for membership in the library.
The campaign season needs to be shortened from a year and a half to two years, to six months. Will the politicians find this unacceptable? Absolutely! And I am fine with that.
But the real problem is that the Democrats and the Republicans ( including the Tea Party Republicans ) hold all the power. This was not intended by the Founding Fathers. We are taught in school that America is for the people, by the people. In the current political climate this is no longer true. It is an illusion we are taught to pacify us. To indoctrinate us so we won’t challenge their claim to the power they hold dear.
By now you might be wondering what power I’m referring to. Political clout. Influence. Affluence. Power. If the current election process were to be changed or reformed in any way that allows to a third or fourth party  to participate, the Democrats and the Republicans would team up and do everything  to get them to drop out of the race.
The two majority parties mentioned above do not want to share the power with a member of the Socialist Party or the Green Party. This is because if they share this power, the most likely have the insane fear that either The Socialist Party or the Green Party would do what they did. That they would steal [ all ] the power for themselves. But would they really keep the power for themselves? Or would they return the power to the people where it belongs?
In closing I leave you with this. Both Bernie Sanders and Jesse Ventura were independents. Bernie is/was a  political independent with democratic leanings. And Jesse Ventura who was in politics as a independent at first switched affiliation to the democratic party. And that presently there are no Green Party members in either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.
Now. Ask yourselves why that is.

Truth Against The World # 4

It’s  2016. It’s an election year. By year’s end Barack Obama will no longer be America’s forty-fourth president. As a citizen of a country that is a democracy, it is our right and privilege to vote for a new president. Because of the Republican Tea Party, the GOP of today resembles nothing of the GOP of yesteryear. Because of this, there is no viable Republican candidate to vote for.

There is only three Democratic contenders.

The first is Martin O’Malley, the 61st Governor of Maryland who is struggling to convey his vision for the presidency if elected. But he is sticking with it.

Next is Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former New York Senator and the 67th Secretary of State. She is also the wife of the forty-second president William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton. She has deep pockets and could possibly “buy” the votes she needs to win the election. She says she will regulate Wall Street. Yet, Wall Street is among her biggest contributors. However, the Republicans do not want her to win. To prove this, they have created a committee to smear her reputation. The committee is going after her about what happened at the benghazi embassy in Lybia. Problem is the, committee is a farce. Meant to ruin her chances of winning the election.

Next up is a Senator of Vermont, Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. Bernie Sanders has been a long time Socialist in his home state of Vermont. He is often described as a Independent. And more often as a Socialist Democrat. This is because although Independent, he has often voted with the Democratic caucus. If elected, he would be first Socialist president since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Even though he is in his seventies, he seems to be in good health and has a damn good chance of winning the election. He has led a grass roots campaign and has often matched or exceeded Hillary Clinton in donations from contributors. It has also been theorized (unproven at this point) that the media blackout of the Sanders campaign is intentional for reasons unknown.

In closing, It is the right of America’s citizens to vote in the elections. It does not matter if you practice Druidry, Wicca (it’s various traditions), Greco-Roman paganism, Voodoo, Hoodoo or any of the mainstream Christian religions. But remember this: If you do not register to vote and actually vote when election time rolls around, the candidate you want to win will not win. As Pagans we need to make our voices heard. As Pagans we need to vote, and by voting our voices as Pagans WILL be heard.

Nine Blessings!