The Crane Book of Wisdom’s Prayers and Blessings Page

Eccentric Bard

NOTE: Before you start reciting, you should ground yourself. The Survivor’s Shield is to
be recited thrice times three. After the first three recitations, take a minute to focus the
energy and to catch your breath. Repeat twice more and you’re finished.
Nine Blessings on the Gun Men who wantonly take life.
By the Sky above, let the winds fill their lungs with air to breathe.
Let the Sky above fill their hearts, minds and souls with the
gift of compassion that they have irresponsibly discarded.
By the Sea around us, let the waters drown them in life.
Let the Sea with its ebb and tide remind them how sacred life is.
Let the Sea boil the water in their bodies reminding them of
their own mortality.
By the Earth beneath us all, let the Gun Men be immobile.
Let the Earth reveal its splendor lessening their madness.
By the grace of the Gods, let the Earth ground the Gun Men,
absorbing their madness, their rage, their desire for Death.
Nine blessings of peace on all who recite this.

Brighid’s Shield


Each day and each night

That I say the Descent of Brighid…

I shall not be slain, I shall not be injured,

I shall not be put in cell, I shall not be hewn,

I shall not be riven, I shall not be anguished,

I shall not be ravaged, I shall not be made blind,

I shall not be made naked, I shall not be left bare,

I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed,

Neither shall my power leave me.

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me,

No water, no flood, no brine shall drown me,

No earth, no sod, no turf shall cover me,

No air, no wind, no vapour shall sicken me,

Nor seed of the Fairy Host shall lift me,

Nor seed of the Airy Host shall lift me,

Nor earthly being destroy me.

I under the protection of the holy maiden,

I am under the SHIELDING of Good Brighid each day;

I am under the SHIELDING of Good Brighid each night.

Each early and late, every dark, every light.

Brighid is my comrade, Brighid is my maker of song,

My gentle foster-mother, my beloved Brighid.

A Druid’s Breastplate


The Armoring


Today I gird myself with triple power

Invocation of the Gods

Attunement with the Spirits

Reverence to the Ancestors


Today I gird myself

With the power of the Magic Cauldron

With the power of the Spear and Sword

And the Stone of Sovereignty

With the whole company of the Mother’s Kin


Today I gird myself

With the power of the Noble Ones


Obedience of Spirits

Service of the Sidhe


With the Loving Blessing of the Dead


Wisdom of the Wise

Courage of the Strong

Innocence of the Young

And the Deeds of Heroes.


Today I gird myself

With the Power of Heaven


Light of the Sun

Brilliance of the Moon

Splendor of Fire

Speed of Lightning

Swiftness of Wind

Depths of the Sea

Firmness of Earth

Hardness of Rock


And the Power under the Earth.


Today I gird myself

With the Goddess’ Power to direct me

With the Gods’ Wisdom to bear me up

With the Childs’ Love to content me.


Their eyes to look after me

Their ears to hear from me

Their voice to clarify for me

Their hands to guard me

Their paths open before me

Their shield to ward me


From the snares of spirits

From weakness of will

From habit and unmindfulness

From all who wish me ill

Far and near


I summon these Powers to be upon me and in me

To make me equal to any challenge:

To come between me and any power that threatens my body or



That I may have the Wisdom of the Wise

The Love of the Loving

The Power of the Powerful

That I may be known in the inner realms and acknowledged with


Know me, O Mighty Ones, for my name is ____________.


Magic within me, magic on my right hand, magic behind me,

magic on my left hand, magic before me, magic above me,

magic beneath me.

In the eye of all beholders

In the ear of all who hear

In the heart of all beings

My Magic is established.


Today I gird myself with the threefold Power


Honor to the Gods

Honor to the Fair Folk

Honor to the Dead


And Honor to the Wisdom of Magicians

That dwells in me forever!

So mote it be!

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